How do I know the right frame height?

Our experienced sales advisors recommend that the first step is to determine your inseam length. In order not to falsify the measurement result, you should take off your shoes and wear tight trousers. Now you can measure your personal inseam length by reading the distance from the floor to the upper edge of the level or book with the folding rule.

You have now determined your inseam length and decided in advance on an e-bike or bicycle type.

The correct frame height for our city, trekking and sport models is determined by the following formula and with the factor 0.66:
step length * factor = frame height

If you have determined a step length of 83 cm (83 cm * 0.66 = 54.78), we recommend a frame height of 55 cm. 
At Velo de Ville we design and produce frame sizes in 5 cm steps.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your dealer.


What is the right engine for me?

In order to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the various e-bike engines, we recommend both the Bosch Drive Unit Product Description and the Shimano Steps Product Description. 
You can find them under the following links:


What it the range of an e-bike with one full charged battery?

As the range is influenced by various factors, we recommend the Bosch range calculator, which you can use to calculate the various circumstances. 
You can find it under the following link:


What do city, trekking or sport mean and what are the differences?

  • CITY: You ride in a comfortable, upright sitting position in which the weight is largely shifted to the saddle, thus relieving your arms, hands and wrists.
  • TREKKING: You ride in a comfortable, slightly sporty riding position in which the weight is distributed almost evenly between the saddle and handlebar grips. The seat position is slightly bent forward, which results in an optimal power development and distribution for longer tours. 
  • SPORT: You ride in a sporty sitting position in which the weight is largely shifted to the handlebar grips and thus the arms. In addition, attention is paid to the individual bike components to keep their own weight low so that no power is lost in possible suspensions


How can I make my bike more comfortable/sporty?

You can make your bike more comfortable as well as sportier with the possibility of individual configuration. The comfort can be ensured, for example, by a parallelogram seat post that is gentle on your back. An angle-adjustable stem allows you to vary between an upright and a flexed sitting position.  


Is it possible to select other options and equipment that are not stored in the configurator?

It is best to contact your personal dealer directly with your request. They can tell you whether subsequent changes to the equipment are possible and feasible. If you have any questions in this regard, we are also available at any time.

What are the delivery options?

We recommend delivery to one of our specialist dealers, who can take over the final assembly as well as the regular maintenance and possible repairs for you. You can find your personal specialist dealer via our dealer search under the following link:
https://www.velo-de-ville.com/de/service/haendlersuche If you cannot find a Velo de Ville dealer near you, you can contact info@velo-de-ville.com to arrange direct delivery to your home if necessary. 

Is there anything I need to know about home delivery?

As we send our bikes to you pre-assembled, you only have to do the following steps yourself. Basic technical knowledge is recommended. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact your local bicycle dealer.
1. the left and right pedals must be mounted.
2. the handlebars, stem, grips and brake levers must be adjusted 
3. a possible display must be mounted. 

Is it possible to change the saddle, if i am not comfortable?

We recommend that you contact your personal dealer for a subsequent saddle exchange. Your dealer can give you the best possible professional advice.


Where can I have my Velo de Ville bike repaired?

Theoretically, you can have your bike repaired at any bicycle dealer who offers Bosch or Shimano bikes, if applicable. However, we recommend that you visit one of our dealers to get the best possible help. 
You can find a list of our specialist dealers under the following link: https://www.velo-de-ville.com/de/service/haendlersuche


Is it possible to return/exchange a personally configured bike?

A wheel that you have configured cannot usually be returned or exchanged. However, for individual arrangements, please contact your personal dealer.


How long do I have a warranty claim on my bike?

You will usually receive a 2-year warranty on your Velo de Ville bike. If you comply with the annual inspections, this guarantee is extended to 5 years for an aluminium frame and to 10 years for a steel frame.


Is it possible to finance a bicycle through BikeLeasing?

It is best to contact your personal dealer for possible leasing options. Each specialist dealer works together with different leasing partners in this respect.