What is the right frame height for me?

The correct frame height for our city, trekking and sports models in the bicycle and e-bike range is determined by the following formula and a factor of 0.66: Stride length * Factor = Frame height
For example, if you have a stride length of 83 cm (83 cm * 0.66 = 54.78), we recommend a frame height of 55 cm. 
If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact your local dealer. 

How do I determine my stride length?

You need a folding rule and a water level. If you do not have a water level at hand, a book also will do. In order not to falsify the measurement, you should wear shoes that you would also wear when cycling. The best way to measure your stride length is to put a book between your legs up to the upper edge of your stride and then measure the corresponding height from the ground.

What do I do if my calculated frame height is exactly between two sizes?

Both frame heights would be rideable, but offer some special features in active riding.

The smaller frame would be more agile, sportier, more compact. You would have to ride this with some saddle cant so that the saddle height is above the steering area. With this so-called 'sporty' riding position you have a good power transmission to the pedal (especially uphill), but you sit quite compact and bent on the bike. On downhill sections, a lot of weight is therefore on the front wheel.

The taller frame, on the other hand, would be more comfortable, smoother. Because the seatpost has considerably less extension at this frame height, you sit more upright and relaxed on the bike. The steering range at or just above saddle height is more to the liking of the classic touring rider. The slightly longer top tube is also compensated for by this riding position. Downhill there is not so much pressure on the front wheel, which makes the bike less nervous to handle.

Conclusion: If you are sporty and ambitious, you should choose the smaller frame height. If you are a touring or pleasure biker, you should rather choose the larger frame height!

What is the right drive unit for me?

To weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of the different motors, we recommend that you read the product descriptions on our website. Alternatively, you can visit the websites of the individual manufacturers Bosch, Shimano and Fazua

What range can I cover with a battery?

The range is influenced by various factors, so the actual range can vary and we cannot give you any firm statements on this. However, some manufacturers offer a range calculator that you can use to calculate the range for certain factors. You can find more information on our website.

What do the model series of our bicycles and e-bikes mean?

Each of our model ranges is characterised by the fact that it is particularly well suited for a specific area of use. 


With a bike from the Allround series you are always well equipped. It accompanies you to work, on a weekend tour or to the shops. So if you're looking for a companion for every day, you've come to the right place. Our Allround bikes are characterised by their incredible versatility. It's not for nothing that this category offers the most configuration options to increase flexibility and to further equip the bike according to your wishes.

Choose ALLROUND if...
1. the bike accompanies you in everyday life
2. you want to get the maximum configuration possibilities
3. you also want to go on journeys and longer tours with the bike


This category, known from the automobile industry, can be wonderfully applied to bikes. The sporty handlebars create a touring-oriented seating position on the SUV bike, and the riding stability and comfort are further improved by wider tyres. With these bikes, you can also go on offroad tours.

Choose SUV if...
1. you want to ride fast on wide tyres
2. you want to combine comfort and sportiness
3. you want your bike to accompany you off-road as well


The Fully Tour models come with rear suspension that greatly increases comfort. This means you can tackle any tour and master unpaved roads with ease. 

Choose FULLY TOUR if...
1. you want to get the maximum comfort out of it
2. you want to be easy on your back while riding
3. your tours take you over hill and dale


With their low step-in, they are particularly comfortable: the Comfort bikes take advantage of the battery positioned on the rear rack to make getting on even easier. The handlebar/stem combination ensures that you sit more upright and thus more comfortably. Even longer tours can be comfortably conquered. 

Choose COMFORT if...
1. you want to get on the bike particularly easily
2. you are looking for a daily companion for shopping
3. you want your tours to be as comfortable as possible


Compact bikes simply offer more flexibility on the road: making the best use of limited space when camping, quickly catching the train when commuting or enjoying the full Bosch power on tour - the compact models have advantages that are obvious. Due to the design you can store them  in a space-saving way and take almost anywhere, while at the same time they offer a full riding experience without restrictions. 

Choose COMPACT if...
1. you want to store your bike in a space-saving way
2. you want a high degree of variability in height adjustment
3. you are looking for a manoeuvrable bike


The bikes in this category stand out by accompanying your urban life in the best possible way. Be it the Speed 4Five for commuting at 45 km/h and its counterpart Tour 2Five as a classic pedelec at 25 km/h, the 6TY as a particularly elegant and lightweight urban cruiser or the FR8, which supports you as your individual cargo bike during transport.

1. you live in the city or are mainly on the road there
2. you want to transport loads
3. you want to commute daily by bike in and between cities

You can find all further information about our model series on our website.

What options does an equipment package offer me? 

With the equipment packages you get the possibility to exchange several components on the bike at the same time. Each of the packages makes the selected basic model even more individual and adapts it exactly to your intended use or your visual ideas. Our equipment packages are divided into three different categories: Quality, Optics and Functionality. You can find more information under the following link. Please note that not every equipment package can be used for all models. 

Can I select other equipment options that are not displayed in the configurator?

Unfortunately, components that are not displayed in the configurator for the desired bicycle cannot be installed in the factory. If you would like individual components, it is best to contact your personal specialist dealer directly. They will be able to tell you whether subsequent changes to the equipment are possible and feasible. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us: onlineberatung@velo-de-ville.com

What delivery options are possible?

We recommend delivery to one of our specialist dealers, who will take care of the final assembly as well as the regular maintenance and possible repairs. You can find your personal specialist dealer via our dealer search under the following link. If you cannot find a VELO DE VILLE dealer in your area, you can contact onlineberatung@velo-de-ville.com to arrange direct delivery to your home. 

Do I have to pay attention to anything when having my bike delivered to my home?

As we send our bikes to you pre-assembled, you only have to carry out the following steps yourself. Basic technical knowledge is recommended, if you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact your local bicycle dealer.

  1. Both pedals must be mounted
  2. The handlebars, stem, grips and brake levers must be adjusted.
  3. A possible display must be mounted. 

Is it possible to replace individual components at a later date?

We recommend that you ask your personal dealer about the possibility of replacing components beforehand. He or she will be able to give you the best possible and professional advice.

Where can I have my VELO DE VILLE bike repaired?

Theoretically, you can have your bike repaired at any bike shop that offers Bosch, Fazua or Shimano bikes. However, we recommend that you visit one of our VELO DE VILLE specialist dealers to get the best possible help. You can find a list of our dealers by clicking on the following link.

Is it possible to return/exchange an individually configured bike?

As a rule, a bike that you have configured cannot be returned or exchanged. However, for individual arrangements, please contact your personal dealer.

How long do I have a warranty claim on my bike or e-bike?

You usually get a 2-year warranty on your VELO DE VILLE bike or e-bike. You can find more information about the warranty and guarantee under the following link on our homepage.

Is it possible to lease a bike or e-bike?

Leasing is not currently possible for online orders via our configurator. If you are interested in a leasing offer, it is best to talk to your local specialist dealer. Every dealer works with different leasing partners in this regard.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wide tyres?


  • Better driving control due to increased grip
  • Suspension comfort


  • Energy loss due to increased rolling friction

Is it possible to order individual components/spare parts?

It is not possible to order individual components/spare parts, for example a suspension fork. If you are interested in individual components, please contact a specialist dealer near you. 

What is the permissible total weight of the pedelecs?

The permissible total weight of our Bosch pedelecs is 140kg as standard. The permissible total weight is made up of the following components: Weight of the rider + weight of the pedelec + weight of the load = permissible total weight. 

However, many pedelecs offer the option of our "Happy Size 160" equipment package. This includes components that can withstand a higher load, which increases the permissible total weight to 160kg. Using the example of the AEB 800 with Happy Size 160 package, with an approximate weight of 30kg for the pedelec, you can load the pedelec with up to 130kg (rider with load), as you have a permissible total weight of 160kg.